Who are we?

Atelier Acoustic is a start up brand belonging to Mähr Acoustics in Liechtenstein. It consists in a workshop studio where acoustic treatment solutions, speakers and audio systems are designed, fabricated and tested.

Our vision

Our goal is to keep producing hand made items, taking the time and care in every single unit that comes out from our atelier. We customize and develop any High Fidelity speaker unit upon request.


Original and eye catching, our portable bluetooth speakers are made with genuine leather cover making them a great accessory to bring all around. 

VU meter

Our amplifier contains 2 VU meters for the stereo image. They illuminate together with the valves when on use. A real beauty to have at home. 

Ceramic tweeter

Our HIFI stereo speakers come with an unique variation for greater sound. The ceramic housing for the tweeter creates a perfect resonance for cristal clear highs and fully balance frequency response. 

Our values 

We make to share.  At Mähr GmbH we are committed to collaborate with special causes, environmental  care and educational support for undeveloped communities. The company collaborates with 20% its annual profit in NGO projects and diverse non profit organizations. 

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Audio system products 

Edgars HIFI
Bookshelf speakers

Edgars HIFI

Hand-made in Liechtenstein. This pair offers an exquisite sound with a great look. They come with a copper 6,5 mid bass driver.

Portable audio

Leather Speaker

Genuine material, plug & play with a AUX 3,5mm or bluetooth.  An easy but eye catching audio companion. 

HIFI amplifier

Jacob Amp

LE34 vacuum amp with a wooden touch that looks simply gorgeous. Stereo 4 or 8OHMS option. Golden plated plugs with bluetooth connection. 

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